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2017 Staff


Executive Team  
Principal Annelise Stockey
Assistant Principal Mark Devlin
Religious Education Coordinator Ros Earl
Reading Recovery /
Kindy Coordinator 1
Helen Gilmour
Coordinator 2 - Yr1, Yr2 & Yr3 Sonya Swan
Coordinator 2 - Yr4, Yr5 & Yr6 Stephen Bamford
Coordinator 2 - Curriculum  Helen Nafranowicz

Kindergarten Class Teachers
Kindergarten Class Teacher(s)
KB Ann Maree Bamford / Helen Gilmour
KG Michelle Ingram
KW Katie Roberts (MTWT) / Sarah Martin (F)

Year 1
Class Teachers
1B Sarah Jeffriess
1G Ros Earl
1W Danielle Hutchinson

Year 2
Class Teachers
2B Louise Cain
2G Amy Luland (MTWF) / Angela Stitt (T)
2W Lauren Bleakley

Year 3
Class Teachers
3B Michelle Reincastle
3G Silvana DiMatteo (MTW) / Alison Chuah (TF)
3W Sonya Swan

Year 4
Class Teachers
4B Donna Noonan (MTWT) / Kylie Hogan (F)
4G George Varrica
4W Angela McNamara

Senior School Class Teachers
5B Ben Nolan
5G Nikki Callan
5W Stephanie Cole

6B Nicole Bergan
6G Helen Nafranowicz
6W Stephen Bamford

Learning Support Teachers
Special Education - Mrs Clare Dowd
School Counsellor - Lorena McManus

Sport/RFF Teachers
Vicki Harvey
Vanessa McBrien
Sorell Prince
Ange Stitt

Pastoral / Community Liaison - Sister Antoinette
Librarian - Julie Walter
Library Assistant - Tracy Hunt
Tracey DiGiuseppe
Nicole Elliot
Connie Este
iCT Trainee
Dominic Wilson-Southon

Learning Support - Margie Rodriguez
Learning Support - Ann Galbraith
Learning Support - Ida Davison
Learning Support - Di Rees
Learning Support - Katherine Richards
Our Lady of The Rosary Parish, Kellyville
Parish Priest - Rev Fr Alejandro Lopez


Peter McBride

Trevor Tomei
Hidden UpdatePanel, which is used to help with saving state when minimizing, moving and closing docks. This way the docks state is saved faster (no need to update the docking zones).