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Uniform Policy

  • It is expected that all students of OLOR wear the required uniform at all times.

  • No child is criticised or embarrassed when he/she is unable to wear the uniform. Parents are requested to send a note when a child will not be in full uniform. This saves the need to question the child.

  • Jewellery – children are not permitted to wear jewellery except for sleepers/stud earrings or a small cross and chain. Earrings that may "catch" and potentially harm the ear are not to be worn under any circumstances.

  • Hair – parents are asked to ensure that their children’s hairstyle is appropriate for school, i.e. neat and tied back for girls (if their hair is long), neat and well-groomed and an appropriate length for boys. Use of gel products to spike hair, which leads to children not wishing to wear their hat, is not permitted. Parents are also asked to ensure that children are not using inappropriate colouring products as these are unsuitable for school.

Sports Uniform

The Sports uniform is to be worn for sport. Details of sports days are published on the class blog.

Uniform requirements and Price List

Please click on the OLOR Uniform Price List / Order Form below. 
The OLOR Uniform Shop is open every Wednesday 8.30am - 1.30pm


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