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What We Offer

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary school offers learning facilities that are extensive in nature and are supportive of the diverse educational needs of our children.

The physical school site, located adjacent to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Church, offers a mix of solid surfaced and expansive grassed playground areas.

The more formal learning spaces provide opportunities for flexibility in catering for the disparate educational needs of all our children.

OLOR's school’s facilities include:

  • air-conditioned learning spaces
  • flexible and dynamic library/resource centre
  • special education learning centre
  • welcoming physical surroundings
  • extensive outdoor play areas
  • large covered outdoor learning area
  • Year Facebook
  • healthy canteen Tuckshop 2 U.

Technology at OLOR

The teachers at Our Lady of the Rosary, Kellyville strive to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum, via the SAMR model. Learning about and being held accountable for the responsible use of electronic and digital tools is an important part of preparing students to be successful in today’s knowledge society. The application and integration of ICT tools in the classroom supports teaching, learning, reflection and assessment.

Students at OLOR are exposed to the latest 21st century learning resources through the use of technology within the classroom. Students are now more equipped than ever to investigate and find answers to their curious questions about the world. At OLOR, students no longer need to rely on Google to find solutions to the tricky questions. Through the use of the student portal, students can access a wide bank of resources, including E-Resources, E-Library and ClickView, which provide students the opportunity to further research, investigate and consistently consolidate curiosity.

Our school promotes digital creativity through the art of coding. Coding allows students to develop their own interactive games and write programs to control robots, while deepening their understanding of mathematical language and concepts.

Google Classroom is a digital platform being used at OLOR. Google Classroom allows teachers to send students information, videos and tasks in an online classroom. The digital classroom allows students to submit tasks online, receive feedback from teachers and reflect on learning success.

What is coming in 2018?

Teachers and staff at OLOR are excited to announce the launch of the online student portfolio, Seesaw. The aim of Seesaw is to create a meaningful home-school relationship, which allows students to upload and share what they have learnt with meaningful audiences, while practising 21st century skills. Seesaw allows families to follow their child’s progress throughout the year, which will give families a clear insight on how their child’s learning can also be supported and nurtured at home.

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