A fresh, healthy canteen makes all the difference to students in the classroom.

Our providers, Welcomeasy (.we.) are a family owned and operated business specialising in healthy (nut free) children's meals. .we. are passionate about a healthy lifestyle for children and are committed to working together with you to benefit your school community.

.we. acknowledge the important role that nutritious food plays in the growth and development of children and are therefore committed to providing students with a (variety of fun & healthy menu options every day. All ingredients are carefully selected for high sources of nutrients whilst limiting saturated fat, sugar and salt intake and ensuring that it's delicious to eat!


How to Order

Order through the Welcomeasy website till 10:59PM for delivery next school day #welcomeasylife

Single meal order is available or SAVE up to 30% on your meals by subscribing to a 3-day or 5-day meal, drink and snack plan.

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