Our Story

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary was established in 1979 and is one of two primary schools meeting the spiritual and educational needs of primary students in the parish of Kellyville.

Our Lady of the Rosary Kellyville Crest

It was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and the Conventual Franciscan Friars and it has grown from a small, single-stream school to a three-stream school with an enrolment of over 520 students.

The school is nestled amongst the trees in a rapidly growing residential area and draws students from the area of Kellyville.

History of the school crest

The lower section of the school crest contains the seven bars that were from the Sisters of Mercy emblem. These bars represent the seven spiritual and corporal works of mercy. They also signify the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.The hands represent the Franciscan Friars who owned the land where the school was established. They worked closely with the Founding Principal and school leaders.